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Sift Ninja is a powerful,simple software service that automatically moderates and filters content.Your Community is creative, passionate and colorful,and you’ve got the chat to prove it.Filtering for live chat, social networks, gaming, web comments and more.


The quickest, cleverest and most accurate filter for unmoderated content. Language isn’t black and white so your filter shouldn’t be either.

The Smartest Content Filter on the Internet

Sift Ninja, at it’s core, is a text classification system to identify and label content that people create online. It understands patterns of behaviour, like bullying or sexting.

How does it work?

Sift Ninja is an API service that integrates with chat, comments, gaming and other social applications.

Topics, like bullying or sexual harassment, are detected and assigned a risk level. Messages are decorated with this metadata (topics and risk levels) and sent back. Your platform then decides, based on it’s own rules, what to do next.

Auto-moderate, hash out profane words, mark as NSFW, and so on, our service allows for a range of expression that can fit any community.

Inputs Accepted: Text
Services Offered: Human Moderators,Software
Threats Detected: Hate Speech,Sexually Explicit,Bullying,Violent Content
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Company: Sift Ninja

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