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xModerator is an automatic image moderation service. Our artificial intelligence system reached human-like accuracy. Our standard criteria include porn, eroticism, nudity and gore.

Key Features


Our solution offers human-like accuracy. It has the best performance among all similar services.


The automatic moderation assesses an image in less than a second.


Our solution is scalable. The number of images we can process is virtually limitless.


Our service costs much less than similar services offered by human moderators.


The service can be adjusted to your needs. We can design a model to meet your requirements.

Privacy Compliant

No human moderator intervention. Your user-provided images are not shared with third parties.

Inputs Accepted: Image
Services Offered: Developer API,AI
Threats Detected: Sexually Explicit,Illegal Items,Violent Content
Product Link: <a href "https://xmoderator.com/" target="_blank">XModerator</a>
Company: MD Software

You can find out more information at: XModerator