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Smart Moderation complete protection for your Social Media and Websites through detection of illegal and inappropriate comments, spam, trolls and erasing them in real time.Smart Moderation works 24/7 to protect your social media and community World-leading Artificial Intelligence is used to analyze and detect inappropriate comments. Our platform can also automatically remove the comments


Reduce Cost

Save up to 80% of Time and Money.

Increase Accuracy

Increase moderation success rate up to 96%.

Protect Reputation

Keep members safe from the social media crisis 24/7/365.

Increase Happiness

Make community managers happy by doing dirtiest footwork.

Make Money

Improve online conversations to affect purchase decisions.



Inputs Accepted: Text
Services Offered: AI,Software
Threats Detected: Hate Speech
Product Link: <a href "" target="_blank">Smart Moderation</a>
Company: Smart Moderation

You can find out more information at: Smart Moderation