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PicPurify is an real time image moderation API which can accurately detects the existance of specific contents (e.g. porn, violence, nudity) in image. The core algorithm behind PicPurify is built based on the most advanced deep learning technology. This algorithm is inspired by the human visual system, and is trained using milions of images to learn how to identify specific content in an image.


Moderate the images

Reduce unwanted content from your product and service.


Recognize suspect images like porn, violence, drug, weapon, extremism.


We can customize a tailor-made model according to your specific requirements

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

For 24/7, decision can always be made in less than 0.1 second, with an accuracy higher than 95%.

Decrease the cost

Save more than 95% of manpower in content moderation.

A proven performance

PicPurify’s technique has been integrated in multiple products and has analysed millions images.






Inputs Accepted: Text,Image
Services Offered: Developer API,AI,Software
Threats Detected: Sexually Explicit,Illegal Items,Violent Content
Product Link: <a href "https://www.picpurify.com/dashboard-home.html" target="_blank">PicPurify</a>
Company: PicPurify

You can find out more information at: PicPurify