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In 2009, Microsoft partnered with Dartmouth College to develop PhotoDNA, a technology that aids in finding and removing known images of child exploitation. Today, PhotoDNA is used by organizations around the world and has assisted in the detection, disruption, and reporting of millions of child exploitation images. PhotoDNA creates a unique digital signature (known as a “hash”) of an image which is then compared against signatures (hashes) of other photos to find copies of the same image.



Data privacy is our top priority. Your images are instantly converted to secure hashes and are never retained by Microsoft.


When you access PhotoDNA Cloud Service, you benefit from the reliability and auto-scaling features of the Azure global network.


Your team can quickly integrate via a simple REST API call, regardless of your platform or environment.

Inputs Accepted: Image,Video
Services Offered: Developer API
Threats Detected: Sexually Explicit,Child Abuse
Product Link: <a href "" target="_blank">Microsoft</a>
Company: Microsoft

You can find out more information at: Microsoft