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Implio is built to be an all-in-one moderation tool for sites that value the safety of their users and the quality of the user-generated content they feature.

Besedo continuously update Implio with new features that improve the efficiency of the content moderation process, whether you are using AI, automated filters, manual moderation or setup that combines the three.

You can Customise Implio based on your specific requirements. Edit prebuilt filters, enable text and image vision, choose from multiple moderation interfaces. Or simply let our data scientists build a personalised AI model for you.

Key Features

Customizable Filters

Easily target and repel unwanted content with predictable patterns. Build your own or make use of our free out-of-the-box, industry specific filters.

Manual Moderation Interface

Optimized interface for fast and accurate manual decisions on content. Includes keyword highlights for higher accuracy.

Insights and Analytics

Clean data overview allows you to follow volume development, facilitating data driven moderation for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Inputs Accepted: Text,Image,Video
Services Offered: Advisory,Developer API,Human Moderators,AI,Hashing
Threats Detected: Sexually Explicit,Bullying,Illegal Items,Violent Content
Product Link: <a href="" target="_blank">Implio</a>
Company: Besedo

You can find out more information at: Implio