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Griffeye Analyse (DI Pro is probably the most relevant here) is less of a practical Content Moderation service, and more of an engine to help Law Enforcement work with large amounts of Digital Forensic data (which may well include Child Abuse Imagery).

In particular, the Griffeye AI Brain, may offer the ability to provide some level of Content Moderation:

The Griffeye AI program, called Griffeye Brain, aims to innovate how AI is applied to law enforcement work processes. The first outcome of Griffeye Brain is a CSA classifier that scans through previously unseen footage and suggests images that it believes depicts child sexual abuse content. The AI outputs a score that can be used to tell whether a file is pertinent to the investigation or not.

The Griffeye Brain CSA classifier has been trained on real CSA case data at Taskforce Argos, Queensland Police in Australia. Training the algorithm on real data is necessary for it to work and it is absolutely crucial how the training is conducted and what data it is being trained on.

Inputs Accepted: Text,Image,Video
Services Offered: Advisory,AI,Hashing,Software
Threats Detected: Sexually Explicit,Child Abuse,Illegal Items,Violent Content
Product Link: <a href="" target="_blank">Griffeye Analyse</a>
Company: Griffeye

You can find out more information at: Griffeye Analyse