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Crisp’s risk-aware community management services provide 24/7 real-time moderation and customer engagement on a brand’s owned social media channels and social ads, all in over 50 languages.

Key Features

Fast, Always-On 24/7 Community Management

Crisp’s moderation guarantee means any illegal, harmful or brand unsafe content is always removed within a maximum of 15 minutes, 24 hours a day with an accuracy of 99.9% or better.

Intelligent Moderation

It’s critical a brand doesn’t create a self-made crisis through poor community management. Accidentally moderating a complaint that contains profanity could lead to public backlash by being “called out” for suppressing freedom of speech. Crisp’s community management and moderation services are powered by a global team of expert human intelligence analysts who review every removal to verify the correct response.

Crisis Prevention and Escalation

Around-the-clock community management and moderation is the building block of a solid social media crisis prevention program. Crisp’s community management ties directly into our crisis monitoring services to offer a complete, seamless solution to protecting brand reputation.

Social Channels and Social Ads

Crisp provides rapid responses to questions and comments on your social media channels.This full cover of every brand post means that no potential issues are missed, that these issues are resolved quickly and that any client or prospect query can be answered.

Pre-Approved Responses and Engagement

Crisp provides rapid responses to questions and comments on your social media channels. This ensures your customers and prospects receive personalised, pre-approved replies within minutes, 24 hours a day and are not left waiting for a response from your brand.

Comments, Image and Video

Inappropriate comments, gore videos, scams and profanities can appear on your brand’s social media pages or sponsored ads any time, day or night. Crisp identifies and intelligently moderates all types of user-generated content to ensure you are 100% protected from risk.

Inputs Accepted: Text,Image,Video
Services Offered: Advisory,Developer API,Human Moderators,AI
Threats Detected: Hate Speech,Sexually Explicit,Bullying,Profanity,Self-Harm,Illegal Items
Product Link: <a href="" target="_blank">Crisp Community Management</a>
Company: Crisp Thinking

You can find out more information at: Crisp Community Management