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Community Sift is one of the largest providers of Online Content Moderation. It provides a full-service offering, including support for your workflows.Smart automation software for shaping healthy online communities. Protect your app’s users from bullying and harassment.

Key Features

Context-Based Chat Filter

Provides a profanity filter on the internet, Community Sift identifies complex filter manipulations with unprecedented accuracy. Using Unnatural Language Processing, they find the hidden meaning in words and phrases, detecting subversive patterns — and users who are intent on breaking the system.

Image & Video Moderation

Advanced artificial intelligence model detects pornographic images with unprecedented accuracy and near zero false positives. Detects other visual threats including graphic violence, weapons, extremism, and drugs. And thanks to our collaboration with law enforcement, we now detect images containing child abuse.

Automated Workflows

Reduce moderation workload with smart, customisable automation. After the software proactively labels and filters dangerous UGC, it’s automatically prioritised for your team based on our best practices and your unique community settings.

Multiple Languages

Ready to expand into the global market? Community Sift supports more than 20 of the most popular languages around the globe. Culture, nuance, and regional idioms make every language unique. That’s why we employ a mix of native speakers and in-house tools to build any new language from the ground up, with only a few weeks of training.

User Report Prioritisation

Send user-generated reports to the Community Sift API, and leverage the user reputation system to triage and prioritise those that require immediate attention. Ensure that critical reports are never ignored or lost — and ensure user loyalty in the process.

COPPA Compliant Settings

Apps for kids can face hefty fines and potential lawsuits if they don’t follow COPPA rules. With the kidSAFE-reviewed settings, you can detect and filter unsafe content, even the trickiest Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from your platform.

User Reputation

Only a small percentage of users are responsible for unwanted and abusive content on your platform. The Community Sift patented user reputation system identifies bad actors and automatically adjusts their settings so they can chat less freely. So you can promote and reward positive users while isolating toxic users, all in real time.

Community Control

Your team has full autonomy in the Community Sift moderation tool. Update your own settings and retrain the chat filter instantly, instead of relying on change requests that can take up to 48 hours.

Dedicated Support Team

Community sift provides ongoing training, consultation, and support.

Inputs Accepted: Text,Image
Services Offered: Advisory,Developer API,Human Moderators,AI,Hashing
Threats Detected: Hate Speech,Sexually Explicit,Child Abuse,Bullying,Profanity,Self-Harm,Illegal Items
Product Link: <a href="" target="_blank">Community Sift</a>
Company: Two Hat Security

You can find out more information at: Community Sift