Are you an individual user that has an online safety issue (for example you’re being bullied or abused online, or images are being shared that you want removed)?

There is help for you. Unfortunately we cannot offer individuals help with this, but there are plenty of great places out there that can. Please seek help from the following:

Contact the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Command if your report relates any of the issues below:

  1. You suspect a child is a victim of abuse
  2. Images stored on private devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers
  3. Text only conversations on chat sites and there are no images
  4. Peer-To-Peer file transfer programs or torrent services

To report harmful content other than child sexual abuse images and videos online please visit Report Harmful Content website.

If you’re an adult and had your intimate images shared online without your consent please visit the Revenge Porn helpline.

If you need help or support for abuse, neglect or anything similar then contact Childline.

If you’d like to report something other than an online image or video of child sexual abuse please check this list of organisations.